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Lack of heat on a Disco 1


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I had a new exhaust fitted the other day, both CATS, centre section, and rear section.

All is fine, except one thing.

I now have no heat from my blower!

Blower works perfectly, just no heat.

Could it be coincidence that it happened after exhaust done, or could they have knocked something?

If not, where do I start looking for the problem?



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Check the coolant level first as the hot water which goes into the heater comes from the top of the engine. Does the temperature guage work?

When the engine is up to temperature, check the top radiator hose to see if it is hot and check the radiator to make sure that the top is hot too. The temperature will get colder on the radiator as the water travels down through the radiator so towards the bottom it should be cold. Also, when the engine is warmed up, check the 2 pipes near the back of the engine that go into the bulkhead as these lead to the heater matrix. These should also be hot even if the blower inside is cold.

If all that looks good then it may just be the dial that cuts out the heat from blowing into the cab. Not sure why that would go wrong after changing the exhaust though.

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