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HELP ! , Defender 90 rear prop length

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HELP ! , Defender 90 rear prop length ?

Hi Can you please answer a question that is the last bit of the puzzle ( hopfully ! )

I have just finished stripping the chevy truck ready to start the build of my new project. I am using the 4L80e auto box and have been looking at using a lt230 transfer box but the cost of the conversion plate and they can't promise that it will fit as the 4l80e has a very long out put shaft to take the chevy transfer box.

So thinking it maybe easyer to keep the Borgwarner 4401 transfer box from the truck. My problem is that I wanted to put it all into a Defender 90,the rover V8 + R380 + lt230 is 1400mm long but the chevy + 4l80e + Borgwarner 4401 transfer box is 1700mm long .

So the question is how long is a 90 rear prop and what the shortest you could go to ?

many thanks Simon

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What would the shortest propshaft be that would run right ?

My problem is that the engine+gearbox+transfer box is 300mm longer than a tdi+gearbox+transfer so maybe my question should have been put another way .

May have to go to a 100" Chassis ?

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Have a look on Devon 4x4's online shop, they list the closed lengths and which engine arrangement the propshafts they sell fit.

Looks like 90s with 2.5p, 2.5d, 2.5td and 200tdi have a 635mm rear prop where as 300tdi and td5 use a 683mm rear prop.

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How far forward are you mounting the engine? I know it's not a TDI, but 200TDI vs 300TDI position was 6", which would give a prop length of 485mm, more on the OK side I think... have you got much room at the front?

I would be trying to move the engine rather than mucking around with wheelbase, there's more work to it than you may think, and you only gain the same 6" by doing so....

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