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LR dealers price-matching on genuine parts


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I just spoke to my local dealer (Guy Salmon) to get a new keyfob supplied & programmed for the freebie, I double-checked the price (£45+vat for the fob) against brit-car's website (£38+vat), when I said to the parts guy I might buy it from brit-car instead he said "print out the page and bring it in and we'll match it". If that's true of other gen parts I could be buying a lot of stuff through the dealers in future.

Also, the total price (£45 for the fob + £40 to program it to the car) is about the same as the assorted fly-by-nights on eBay seem to do it for, and I know who I'd rather hand over my details to. :ph34r:

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I have never seen the price match but often get discounts from the main dealer (Lancaster Reading), as a standard they will give 15% discount off list but these can sometimes be a lot more, sometimes I find it the usual parts guy is not there they can be a bit funny about this, until I point it out to them and then they have no problem giving me the discount. I often buy my parts from the main dealer, although do check for the blue box creep!! they are quick to get things into stock, and usually get the correct part first time.


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