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2.5N/A into series 3, started today


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Finally got round to starting the engine conversion today.

managed to get on pretty well this afternoon.

The plan of action that i have is to take out my old nackered 2.25 diesel out of the series 3 and fit in it a nice 2.5N/A. Looking at tge state of the chassis i am also going to fit a new front xmember and dumb irons because as u shall see the chassis was rotten as hell.

got to give engine a new cam belt and tensioner before it all goes in as well just to make sure i don't have any future problems as well.

here a few pics of what i have done this afternoon,

decided to build my self a little out side workshop this morning with some sheets of ply and a gasibo to make the job a little easier and dryer!!!

so this afternoon iv managed to get front wings off, radiator off, then sort out all the linkages. ended up having to take out the floor inside the cad as well to get to the last of the bell housing bolts but that needed a clean so thats off as well. Then finally managed to get the engine out as well with easy, came off pretty well in end which was not what we were expecting but it is all done !!!!

next job is to wait for parts to arive from paddocks then fit new front chassis and fit cam belt which shall be fun indeed!! hehe

then start the rebulid!!








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nice work for one afternoon! that's a lot more than I would be able to do in that time!! :D

keep us updated on your conversion, and keep taking those pics to "document" it.

questions: where did the 2.5 came from, a defender? will you keep the SIII gearbox or will it be (or has already been) changed? same question for the brakes: original ones, 109 drums or discs?

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i am about to do the same thing but mines a 2.25 petrol to 2.5 nad think ive got most things not 100% sure about the o/s engine mounting yet! Did your 2.25 have a diesel return to tank the filter on mine has one and was wondering what to do with that?

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I've put a 2.5TD engine in a previously 2.25petrol. This is what catflap is/was. You need a return to the tank, and there should be a blanked-off plate if it's an after-market item, so you just need to buy the return tube. If not, then just drill your tank to accept the return pipe. I think there's a way of plumbing it in to the the pipework elsewhere, but I did it how the diesel pipe arrangement was originally done.

Les. :)

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not had any progress since monday due to some 14 hour days at work but the new xmember/dumb irons and all parts for engine turned up 2 day,

as im hopeing to fit power steering as well i am going to move the xmember forward though to alow for it!! .

got to change the cam belt next on the new engine, should be fun as not ever taken engine apart before!!!

if its anything like mi tractor today that has has to service fitters out for 11 hours then it won't be going very well but hopefully all shall go well!!

Engine came out of an early 90 yes. not totally sure of age hence changing cam belt now and giving full service as u would though.

Brakes im leaving standard at the mo as mine work bloody well and i dont do much road work with it so should be ok but i do have a cut down 88 range rover chassis with 2 rangy axles on it so may put them on it in the future if i find it a problem then that shall also widen the width abit making it abit more stable on the slopes hopefully!!!



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elo elo

whent to do the cam belt today but have come to some dificulty!!

not totally understanding yet but are the dots on the two cogs seposed to face each other and the little piece which is inbetween the two?

mine don't seem to match up..

also when i brough the engin the guy said u need to check the timing on it, we thought it was abit of an odd thing to say as that is something u don't sort of much about with!!!

think i may have to get manual to check timing correctly.

Workshop is awsome, we have a 4 post ramp in one of uour units but thats full and all the tohersheds have just been filled with about 5000 hay bales so now i been moved to outside.

not good!! the ply sheets on the floor are the best though, so much better than the stone for when u drop things!!

me xxx

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