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OT mmm this is a bit wierd


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Ok on way back from Aus for a 3 week holiday . I am flying with Singapore airlines. And guess what we are 5 hours out of London. And i have internet acess, in cattle class :D

cheap too.

sorry but had to say , was a little taken aback

BTW Jules pick us up from Heathrow at 3,30 Terminal 3 Cheers

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Its the in thing at the mo, staves off the boredom. SIA are doing a trial with Boeing who have a subsidary called Connexion (which they are just about to sell) which offers in flight Internet.

The latest Boeing 777 200LR can in theory fly non stop from LHR to Sydney. Would be about a 18-20 hr flight depending on the winds. Qantas say could do it now, but to make it economic they would have to reduce payload by about 7 to 9 tonnes so that they could carry all the fuel required. They want Boeing to look at reducing the aircraft weight (cabin furnishings etc) to make it feasable.

If that happened, at seat broadband would definetly be required, and those socks to stop DVT....... :lol:

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