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1st "wound" for 2011


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Oh deep joy :ph34r: and I was doing so well last year, so far on "2011" I have onlt manged to make 21 days before a trip to A&E. :(

It started Tuesday when I used the lathe at work (yes all the saftey gear on), and having finished turning a 2" tapered hole into

a 30mm Thick solid round lump of 8" from Mr Rogue Vogues collection :) I finished and removed it from the Chuck :)

As I lifted it - it was heavy - I gripped it, and felt a pin pricking pain in the back of my thumb, on the bendy joint bit

having cleaned it all up and done some peering couldn't see anthing...

Wends morning I woke with my thumb pounding, and a tad swollen, had another peer, still looked fine, so of to work,

as the day went on my thumb swelled bigger and a big "point" sort of started to show, so, in desperation (as it was a pounding)

I removed a Map pin off the board, heated it with a lighter and dug in. A satisfying strweam of puss exited, and it seemed fine,

I thought with it now "open" whatever was in there woul work its way out.

Thursday night woke up about 3 o'clock, thumb was agony, so went to bathroom to get some items to help

1x new razor blade, 1x needle, 1x bottle of iodine, twenty mins of poking using blade and gritting teeeth saw a much bigger hole

but SWMBO was none too impressed waking up to the hfh mini operating area, complete with selected "leaks" that had missed the bit of

loo roll and found refuge on the sheets, pillow, her nightdress.

Never the less it bleed good and proper and felt better, the cotton bud with neat iodine "stang" a tad, but went back to beeboos

Friday (today) woke up to find thumb "stuck" to sheet, peeling it off did little to reduce the pain, and it was blown right up

with all the sort of skin creases tight, poking it just ended up with me having a squeal or 3, so decided some serious poking around was required

Ran a bath and got in it (this image now may haunt some members for a time to come :P) and contuined to raise the bath water temp untill it

became "Monkey Bath Hot" (so hot that if you move you go Ooooo Ooooo Ooooo Ooooo ). then soaked paw in hot bath to soft skin - well seemed a

good idea...

10 mins later I called SWMBO in for some "help"

What she then and later said is untypeable on a kiddie friendly forum, but I had made exellent progress with the razor blade I had cut into the back

of the thumb taking off quite neatlt I thought the top 2-3mm of angry skin, opening it up, a ferretted about withe the neeedle and thought I

could see something, but just couldn't get it out, the blood was dripping quite well into the now red bath.

She had a rummage with her eyebrow tweezers, but after a few mins of this, plus me squeeking advised me "this is ****ing madness" and huffed out. It was

at this point I had an idea. Problem was the blood covering everthing up, and the wound closing, I noticed the needle had cotton on, so with a big breathe

I shoved the needle into the flap bit of the wound pushed the needle through ,and then the cotton, so the wound could be "pulled" open whilst

I dug the tweezers in :)

further, my cunning plan was to have sue pull on the string, whilst I held my thumb under water to wash the blood away, and rummage with tweezers

It didn't go quite to plan, there was so much blood now in the bath it looked like something from "the shinning" plus I couldn't see the wound through all the blood in the bath,

so I turned the tap on, shoved thumb under and said "give it a little tug love :)"

It sort of worked, but the bath had now made the skin softer, so the cord sort of cut through the lump of flesh like a cheese wire, I squeaked again,

much more blood and sue was not her normal colour. She advised me she was going to be sick if I carried on plus I was being "bl**dy stupid"

and should see the Dr.

I decided to stop, and just have a nice soak, but the bleeding contuinued, so I got out, and poured a few drops of iodine on the wound, another squeal from

me and I made a coffee, blood driiping on worksurface an floor, and went to bed to let thing calm down, sue went to work and my thumb seemed

to be getting bigger ? Phoned Dr's and was put through (he knows me and is a great Dr). "nige" he said "one word" "A&E NOW"

I pointed out that was 2 words, and he said, "haha A&E NOW"

So, arrived at A&E and went to reception"

"how can we help you" ?

"sorry to be a wuss, but I have a splinter in my thumb and I can't get it out - and it hurts like hell"

She gave me "that look" that women can do and the triarge nurse came over "show me ?" she said, and I stuck my thumb up

in that 'alright type thumbs up stylee.

"Christ ...come with me", so in I went and a very lovely lady Dr :moglite: peered at it. I explained what I had done so far, and

she sort of just looked at me, I smiled, she shook her head and laughed"

"X Ray" she said

15 mins larer we all pered at the X Ray, and there was the splinter, about 3/4 in long, but stuck in the bone joint.

At this point she advised me that I wiould have to have a course of antibiotics, then when the swelling was down a small op

and that at the moment it was so swelled up and infected that a anesthetic wouldn't work, so I was about to be sent home with


"Couldn't you have a go now" I asked ?

"it would be very painfull" she said

I then explained the "bath diy surgery" and she agreed to have a go.

"right then, stick up thumb up, and brace yourself" she advised :ph34r: "oh and you are certain to squeal, but NO Swearing OK ?"

"yup" "go for it"

She had a nurse grip my hand, and went it with a scalpel and needle

"Feeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeer ooooooooooooooooooooooh Jeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeezu kiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii Oooo :blink:

nooo nooo nooo NooooooooooooooooooooooooooooEeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeE

my squealling piggy was superb, just missing the Oink at the end, I ended up on the floor on my knees gripping the nurses other hand

where my grip tightened in time with the pain increasing, then while I was doing the "Eeeeee Oooooooo Jeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee Eeeeeeargh" bit

the nurse did a bit of swquealling too - to me grip being tad tight on her as the pain increased.

At this point there was a surreal moment where Dr twiged and we all started laughing :ph34r: she had to wait until we had all settled down

for as she put it "round 2 sir ?"

"yep go on then", this was almost the same as above, but without my good hand held by nursey.

Squealing piggy impressions, breathing out like a boxer and whimpering ensued, but, with one final tug, the shard was out,

and the leaking commenced in fact it was instant relief even though it hurt, Dr said for me to have one final X Ray

to check all was out while she cleaned her key board and floor :ph34r: X Ray done and showed in all out, I have to take 1x week

of 3x day 650mg antibiotics and go back in Monday to have it checked, luckily I can drink on these tablets, so the weekend is

looking quiet but good :)

Ho hum, and its only january

Lastly I noticed the twezzers she used, these had like a diamiond end to them so you could get right into the wound to get to the metal

I asked her |"umm any chance I could maybe have or by those off you ?", she replied "as much chance as you being more careful in the future ?" laughed and said simply "non" :lol:

Ebay time then, could be a usefull addition to the medicine cabinet :)


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..it must be your magnetic personality that keeps attracting all these nefarious pieces of steel to you Nige

Where did the "shard" come from ?

.......think of it this way , at least it wasn't the chuck key left in the chuck and subsequently squarely between the eyes , or indeed the work piece flying out of the chuck and bouncing off the rafters to finally come to rest on your good foot.

Your wife must have the patience of a saint I reckon :)



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Jeez Nige - woudn't it have been easier to skip a whole load of pain (not to mention laundry) and just have gone to A&E about the point that you were sterilising map pins? ;-)

(Sez he who probably cracked his coc^d^d tailbone two weeks ago and is still giving it a few more days to stop hurting...)

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Just how have you managed to stay alive so long?

Glad you have finally got some pain relief but in all honesty you really should give up earlier and accept the few hours in A&E instead of enforced time off with something nasty.

Still after the week I have had with my customer blaming me for protecting their business from themselves it made me laugh and cry a lot! :D


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When I was reading Nigel post I kept thinking.."what the hell was he thinking", common sense says go to the Quacks and let the experts deal with something like..

But then I have to look at my own hands and forearms from my contracting and Army days to see the many marks left by Stanley blades and any other sharp implements I could find to dig out splinters and insect bits......and then I am reminded by a dull pail in my left leg of a recent injury that occurred through being a little reckless with hindsight that could have cost me a foot..and it only took me 5 weeks to go get it X-rayed to find out that I had splintered a 50p piece off the bone and detached the muscle in one place....no wonder it hurt...they wanted to plaster me up, but I said no..have to go to work...

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Nige, I am glad it is not just me who opts for the "self help" approach to little incidents, Mrs S is never keen on my DIY surgery but I don't like to trouble the foke at A&E with trivia, meaning when I do need to go and tell Mrs S she knows something is VERY Serious!!

Having a small amount of Medic training I am quite happy sticking in a few stitches, removing the odd toe nail, or nail through the foot and she has now given up with me, however she insists that I am not allowed to operate on the kids!!

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