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which transfer box to go for?

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hi all

which would be a good ratio transfer box to go for in my 110.i'm running 35" tyres,200tdi.

at the mo it's revving out at about 50/60.looking to lower the revs while gaining some top end and hopefully getting a bit more fuel economy to boot.


for any info :D

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It would have been built with 1.4:1 or thereabouts. If it's running out of steam at 50.60 then raising the gearing mgith mean it never reahes it's peak power for cruising at all.

Plus the speedo will now be reading slow (or actually might now be accurate) because the tyres are bigger.

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Hi, if its an early 110 it could have a 1.6 transfer box, later 110's and all 90's have 1.4 transfer boxes, and disco's have 1.2 ratio transfer boxes.

If you have a 1.6 ratio you can change it for a 1.4 ratio and it should bring your revs down.

^^^^ What he said ^^^^

Running 34's with 1.410 ratio box no problems!!

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I had a 1.4 box in my 110 and I've just changed it for a disco 1.2 box and its sooooo much better! I have normal 235/85/16 tyres and the gearing now is just right for normal use, perhaps a little high when fully laden but overall much better. However I wouldn't want to go any higher so if I had bigger tyres I would think the 1.4 box would be the way forward. Indeed check what you've got, there's usually a sticker on the box but if not you can work out the ratio from the serial number.

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