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Suggested new Moderators

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There's a couple of vacancies for new Moderators for the Getting out there forum, and the Tools/Fabrication forum. There's also the additional benefit of new blood in the team to help keep this website as popular as it is.

The present moderators have discussed this matter for a while now, and we would like to recommend the following (subject to general approval).

Chris Watts (GBMUD) as Moderator of the Getting Out There forum. He has already shown his abilities in this field on several occasions.

Nige (Hybrid-from-Hell) as Moderator of the Tools/Fabrication forum because he's bonkers!

Any suggestions or other nominations please. They may be other moderator position/s in the future, and this is how it will be handled in the future.

This post will remain sticky for 5-days to give you all an opportunity to read/respond.


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Other suggestions for Tools/Fabrication mods. Paul Wightman or Jez. Seems like likey candidates to me. Not actually asked either of them, just two names that came to mind; prehaps a co-mod arrangement.............don't want to end up with everything built in 10mm plate and driven by hydralics do we :D:ph34r:

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Northernchris would also be a good name in the frame, but I think its good to have someone who doesn't have a business interest related to the topic.


Nice idea BUT like you said i have a fab shop so people might take what i said as plugs for work etc etc PLUS i am doing 60-70 hrs a week at the mo :blink::blink:

Nige would be spot on as long as he,s had a good day :ph34r::ph34r:

Jez also would be spot on,but he would have everyone out in the drive/shed till all hours :lol:


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but I think its good to have someone who doesn't have a business interest related to the topic.

Please can you expand on this? (You may be saying what I am thinking but before I say it, I wanna be sure I undersand what you are saying).

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