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Seeing as I've sold the P38 due to a job change I decided to change the avatar.

I've tried deleting and adding a new one - and just changing it. I used the upload from computer option if that helps.

It seems to change to the size of the new avatar but still displays the old P38 cartoon. Any ideas?

Oh and I guess the old tag line of 'All P38s must off-road' is less appropriate now - but I'm prob asking for trouble if I mention changing that :D

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You should be able to change your avatar by the method you just described, maybe delete the old one, log out and then back in again, if your avatar is gone, then replace it with the new url and see if that works.

LR90 will know more about this than me, so hopefully he'll comment.

Les. :)

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Like David says I can see Alf too.

JSG, try just refeshing your browser page as I suspect you are seeing a locally cached copy of the old P38 image.

Now about that tag line :)

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