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2 wheel drive conversion


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.. blink.gif went to get my 2 front wheels balanced today, and was told by the guy that owns the place i should take out the prop` shaft and just have the freelandy as a front wheel drive car, increasing the mpg.

anyone done this?....or heard about this being done?


AJ ph34r.gif

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just done it myself, as prop bearings went, my friendly mechanic charged me a tenner to take it off, he'll replace it for the winter (with new bearings)

Much better fuel economy and faster too..result IMO, I'll be doing this every year from now on

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Hi my freelander 2 makes makes a metal on metal sound when left back wheel hits a pot hole I have looked and the left drive shaft is very lose compared  to the right 1 could i just take the drive shafts out from back and leave it thanks 

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The rear diff mounts are prone to wearing out. Cheap rubber bushes. SuperPro make a replacement unit (or did). That's generally what causes your problem.

If you have a genuinely worn drive shaft, remove the rear prop as well

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