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STC1749 ABS front sensor


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Hmmm neither can I but was sure it was there.

Send a PM to Tony (white90) he found some cheap sensors I am sure, and I thought he posted it in the tech archive, supplier details etc. but don't have time to look at the moment.

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ABS now sorted thanks to a new sensor, its never worked since I bought the vehicle 2 years ago. One quick question though, on my RangeRover 1990 the ABS pump can be heard to spin up and pressurise(?) the system - the brakes feel 'strong' - as soon as the ignition is switched on. On the disco the pump doesnt fire-up and the brakes dont feel too strong, however the ABS system does seem to work after testing it on some dirt today. Can any other Disco owners tell me if their ABS pump can be heard to spin up on staring the car? Maybe the pump only switches on in the event of a wheel locking up, and my carp brakes are down to a worn master cylinder (replaced all calipers and disks etc)?


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