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Hi all,

I've recently replaced the clutch master cylinder on my Td5.

According to LR instructions the resting position of the pedal should be about 140mm above the floor.

All is nicely purged, clear Dot4 fluid without air bubbles is flowing out at the slave cylinder.

The clutch works, however it bites only at the lower 20mm or so of the pedal.

This was also the case before I swapped the master cylinder and I was hoping to improve this.

What I notice however is the bolt on the underside of the pedal box that actually limits the clutch pedal travel.

This can be seen in the Microcat image as item 17.


What is the correct procedure for setting this bolt :?:

Can you guys with a Td5 check how deep you can actually press down your clutch pedal ?

Mine stops at about 2 - 2.5 cm from the bulkhead (so it could go quite a bit deeper).

On my Puma it actually goes much deeper, I have clearly more pedal travel on this vehicle.

All feedback / instructions / suggestions is much appreciated.

Thanks ;).

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refer to the attached info.

screw 17 in your diagram does the same job as screw 5 in the page below, it sets the pedal height above the floor, lower edge of pedal footpad [rubber removed] should be 146mm from the floor plate [no mats]


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Hi Ralph,

The adjustment screw on my pedal box sits below the rotation point of the pedal assembly hence functions as a stopping point rather than what is shown in your picture.

I came across that picture also when browsing my collection of older Defender workshop manuals; however in my 2005MY Defender the set-up is really different :unsure:.

During the repair process I've made some pictures.

Here you can see the pedal box and the bolt in question (just next to the wing).


Also this pictures shows where this bolt actually sits (taken after repainting as a lot of paint simply fell off due to long term contact with the brake fluid :( ).



Using this bolt I cannot adjust how high the pedal sits above the floor.

It's function is to define how deep the pedal can be pressed down.

It would really be great if someone could check this on their Defender.

Some adjustment instructions would be even greater :D

Thanks in advance ;)

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I know this isn't Td5 info but it might help, looking through the 2.4Tdci Puma info I have, it gives a clutch pedal travel figure of 135mm, extract below ---

Adjust master cylinder push rod lock nuts untill 135mm (5.31 in) is achieved.

1) Tighten lock nuts.

2) Tighten nylon nut securing push rod to clutch pedal trunnion.

the info gives no reference to the bolt on the pedal assembly forward face.

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