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Rangie Rear Drag Link Length ?

Les Brock

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Unless I am confused... :blink: , your truck should have two. If you've bent one (other post), the other one should still be okay... Can you not measure that?

If I've missed the point then tell me the exact datum points of the component you want measured and I'll get my coat.... ;) and tape measure and go forth! :D

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Thanks for the reply, the front one is fine, but a completly different length, the one that knackered is the long one behind the diff looking from the front

best datum points would I think be centre of track rod to centre of track rod

Thanks for all your effort and hopefully its a concrete drive and not to wet/muddy

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Drag link as Bush 65 says is From Steering box to hub, mine is 860mm and my coat is firmly on....

Thats from the end of the tube to the end of the tube.

My Track rod is 1180mm from end of tube to end of tube but this includes the adjuster piece.

The longest piece of the tube is 1045mm.

For some obscure rerason, I was thinking of the suspension arms, back axle.

Sorry for the confusion.... :D

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