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Brake Pad Part Numbers?


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Following a recent, rather expensive 48000 main dealer service on my '52 (Feb 03) Disco II, I need to check my brake pads before Seven Sisters. I was informed that the fronts were nearly down to the metal, and they really should be replaced! Fine I thought, but I'll save the £150 and do them myself.

I've since been told what sort of porkies a main dealer is likely to spin, and that the are quite conservative on wear rates, and this is bourne out by the fact that I have never seen a brake light warning of any kind.

So before I start taking the wheels off and getting mucky with brake dust on the hottest week of the century, I thought I'd better stock up on spares just in case. To this end, can anyone tell me what the part numbers are likely to be for a '52 Disco ES TD5, front and rear pads?

Ta muchly.

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from the parts cat,

front pads to (V)2A999999, SFP100480 (about 93euro)

from (V)3A000000, SFP000210 (about 78 euro)

rear pads, no longer available to (V)2a999999, SFP100490

from (V) 3A000000, SFP100470 (about 70 euro)

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Don't forget you may need a retention kit.

I can't make out if the guide pin kit shown (STC1920 fronts, STC1910 rears) is "consumable" or not. Possibly not - sorry I don't know discos at all

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