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Steering Damper Bolt


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Hi there,

I'm new here so please be gentle.

We've recently bought an '02 90 and very nice it is too, except for the steering damper which has started to leak.

Looking on the web replacing this is an easy job; remove a nut from the end of the damper (attached to the chassis), remove a nut from the other end of the damper from a bolt that goes through a bracket on the ARB, remove the bolt, drop the damper out. Fitting the new damper is the reverse of removal (as the book says) 20 minutes max.

Trouble is I can get the nuts undone, but there is no way on earth the bolt is coming out of the bracket.

I've soaked in in WD40, tried undoing it with a spanner (it just rotates in the bracket) , and even hit it with a hammer (which makes the ARB vibrate a bit.)

Is there something extremely basic I'm missing, or do I simply need a bigger hammer?



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There should be a flat on the threaded section where the nuts are - the thread doesn't go all the way to the end IIRC. 8 or possibly 10mm spanner should fit the flat. Alternatively since you are going to throw it away anyway, big set of stillsons/water pump pliers on the body to stop it turning as you undo the nuts. Failing that it is a hacksaw or angle grinder to cut off the nuts/threaded section through bracket.

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The bolt has rusted into the central metal sleeve in the damper's rubber-bush.

Angle-grind the head completely off the bolt. Put a stack of washers over the protruding threaded end, and then tighten the nut down on it: this will draw the bolt out through the metal sleeve in the 'eye' of the damper.

When you reassemble, put plenty of Copper-grease on the bolt where it goes through the bush - this will give it a fighting chance of coming apart again in ten years' time when you're next replacing the damper.

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