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LT230 Salvagable?


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Did the first full service on the Disco last night, (since I've owned it) Full Landrover service history prior to me owning it.

Attempting to drop the oil on the transfer box, removed the fill plug, oil looked a bit nasty. removed the drain pug, hmmmm..... Only part of the threaded section of the plug came out. Magnet is stuck up in the hole :angry:

I didn't shear it off meself, it came out easy peasy, obviously done & hidden up by the shaved chimps at the dealer :rolleyes:

Do you reckon I'll be able to get the magnet bit out or should I start looking for a new box?



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just remove an m8 bolt from the bottom cover, the oil will come out I remember. Then continue to undo the other bolts to remove the cover, so you can have a look inside.

Hi Daan,

one of my mates also suggested that a minute ago, do you know if you need a gasket/RTV to reseal when you replace the cover?

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