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Rattling Noise When Steering On Full Lock


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during Sat the 90 developed a strange rattle when the steering was on either lock,

I bled it today no air came out and there had been no loss of fluid.

it is hard to localise the noise to a single item as it seems to transmit through any thing attatched to the timing case.

any suggestions?

the steering works fine BTW

the noise seems to eminate from near the power steering pump area

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I got Robhybrid to hold it on lock and had a listen with a screwdriver, couldn't pin it down to anything the noise seemed to carry through the Timing case, only does it when steering on idle It seems if you increase the revs it stops.

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Might be worth draining the system and filling with fresh fluid …. When you have drained out the existing fluid, leave it to stand for about 30 minutes or so ……. if you can see a metallic sheen on the top of the fluid then the pump is on its way out.

If it’s the relief valve, and you can live with the rattle, then it will go on for a very long time. Some leak inhibitor will also help with the valve noise.

BTW: Belated Happy Birthday


90 V8EFI TruckCab.

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