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Insa turbo Dakar height?

Ben Spray

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Hi all, cant seem to find an answer for this, I want to get some MT tyres which fit on wolf rims, not much choice out there really in the bigger sizes....

ideally I wanted 255/85 BFGs which sit at about 33" but cant really warrent the cost of them...!

so I was wondering about the Dakars from Insa which is basically the same tread pattern, they only do a 235/85 so obviously going to be smaller but they are about half the price.

Question is as a remould how tall do they stand?

They will be going on a 90 which currently has no lift, although the back sits a bit high as its ex mod and is now a bit lighter with a truck cab and has a gywn lewis bumper and 8274 on the front so springs may need addressing/lifting soon but for now the smaller size may not be a bad thing. Its basically a toy but is used for a bit of road work, greenlanes, and hopefully this year I'll get to some shows to run the offroad courses and hopefully the odd pay and play...

I do like the look of the more extreme tread patterns like the special track etc but probably ott for what I need....



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Not too bad so far but I will have covered less than 5k on them so far. They are definately a much softer compound than my old BFG's used to be as the saharas howl more on the road and you can feel it more round corners and heavy breaking. Personally I like them as they are very predictable, but for high milage you can't beat the BFG's. I went for insa's as doing a bit more off road so doesn't matter that mine have rock cuts all over them already and are only a few months old.


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