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carling switches


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Yep, I have a load that have 125V bulbs, and I'm switching them to 12V. Take the back of the switch off, there are 2 clip thingys you need to prize apart a little bit at the back of the housing near the pins. One top and one bottom. You should then be able to see the routing of the bulb and its legs. Unroute the legs and the bulb should push out the front of the switch (need to have the front rocker off which just prizes off). The bulb is held in with glue gun type glue, nothing major. I have bought LED's from RS componants, the legs are long on the carling switches so you may have to solder on extensions (can use the old legs), but it depends on the switch. The ones I am doing are purely on off, I imagine that moment switches are perhaps a little fiddly to put back together if its one of these :)

HTH, can take pics if you like :)

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There are no bulbs in a Carling switch, they're led's. To get in you lift up the catches on the top/bottom of the switch then "carefully" take the back off. You have to be careful as there are small springs that will ping off in all directions plus rocker/s. These make contact with the led wires and connectors on the back. There are some diagrams of how the switches are wired but they're pretty basic really but what you MUST get right is that the power feed to the led has a small spring and an even smaller resistor underneath it.



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