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Anyone Used This

The Badger

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Never used either, and I'm not from Northern Europe. Just wanted to say that there is a more old fashioned solution. I picked one up at an autojumble last year not knowing what it was. Known as a Desmo Radilamp, turns out you hang this thing under the sump at night to keep the oil temp high enough to allow cranking in the morning. It is basically a parafin lamp with a fine steel gauze around it to radiate the heat.

Now, I wonder what my insurance company would say about me hanging a parafin lamp under my Disco? :lol:

But then this does originate from the fifties when H & S was non existant. Even as late as the early eighties, I can remember my Dad lighting an oily rag under the diesel tank of his truck to get the diesel to melt!

Nostalgia trip over.:closedeyes:

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Ha, now I thought you were gonna so, do as the Russians do and light a fire under you engine or fuel tank...

I have order one anyhow as I can link it to the power supply for my water heater and plug socket which is one of these systems

Will let you know if it works, if not I might have to wait until I can afford a webasto or simular

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