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Sealed Oil Flooded Axles


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Ages ago I saw a defender for sale that had sealed oil filled axles.. I cant for the life of me remember who made them or find the advert for the defender though :(

Does anyone have any experience with these or know a company that makes them? I think it was basically new hubs on the old axle.

Regards, Tom

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:unsure: Aren't all axles sealed and oil filled??

Do you mean that a seal was taken out so that the wheel bearings run in oil not grease?

Yea axles all ready have oil in them, there not fully sealed though as they have breathers at the top, this one the bearings ran on oil as well. I think they where custom hubs, not sure tho.

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as above - most effective on the rear axle.

easily done, all you need to do is take the rear stub axle off and remove the half shaft seal (part number FTC5268 i believe). Do not remove the hub oil seal or the stub axle to axle casing gasket, or all your oil will fall out of your axle!

Wish people wouldnt misname seals when giving advice, running without a hub oil seal is not really very clever. :ph34r:

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Originally all Defenders/RRCs ran oiled bearings front and rear, not sure when they stopped and changed to grease.

At the time of the changeover the consensus was that it was done primarily for cosmetic purposes, reducing leakage from the front swivel housing seals by replacing the oil with one-shot grease and completely removing the chance of hub seal leaks.

The downside, particularly for the wheel bearings is you now only know that the hub oil seal has gone when the wheel bearing seizes up but at least you don't get oil on your driveway... at least not from the hubs :) I've never had an oiled wheel bearing seize up on me but have seen loads of seized "greased" wheel bearings.

When changing back to oiled bearings you need to change the hub oil seal, the newer types don't actually seal properly. RTC3511 is the one you want for oiled bearings.

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