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TD5 Noise on Start Up

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My new to me TD5 has started making "wurra, wurra" noises on start up!

It is exactly the same noise that you get with a 300TDI when the power steering fluid is low, except that the noise starts when the clutch is depressed and first gear is engaged. The noise continues when turning the steering wheel, but after 15 minutes or so I can't hear any unusual noises!

I'm rather puzzled by the symptoms and although it sounds the same as the power steering pump, I'm wondering if it is the clutch?

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If its any comfort, I lived with this same fault on my Td5 90 for 3 years or more and it never got any worse. Sold the car on last year with it still doing it and I suspect it still is.

It doesn't sound like really serious, but as I bought it from a dealer I think it should be sorted under warranty!

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