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Megaquirt and LPG


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please what do you think about using MS to run/drive sequentional LPG? I mean to direct driving LPG injectors?

What about switching between petrol and LPG using one ECU? Table switching functionality in MS is switching both ignition and VE table? So if i somehow manage to switch injectors wiring (also with LPG solenoids) between petrol and lpg injectors together with ingnition and VE table will it work?

Or don't bother and fit complete LPG front end kit with dedicated ECU etc?

thanks for ideas


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Hi Erik,

You might find this thread useful


Table switching is quite straightforward on the same ECU, you can use a different ignition and fuel map for each fuel so one ignition and fuel map for LPG and one of each for petrol.

If you use the LPG injection front end for gas, set your VE values to zero in the MS ECU and just use the second ignition table for LPG

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MS1 V3 won't do sequential injection only batch firing. Try to get Prinz Injectors as they are the better make IMHO. Most, if not all LPG injectors are low Z so if you have a flapper system it would be a good project. Duel tables for fuel and spark then off you go.

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I have MS2 with EDIS. I intended to wire up LPG injectors in same way as Petrol injectors. So i will just switch circuit between them together with fuel and ignition maps. What do you think?

What about injectors setting in MS2? What if i leave there petrol constants? will it be working with LPG injectors?

many thanks

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