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Sticking glass to aluminium


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Chaps... any glue experts in da house?

One of my little projects on the Camel Freelander has been to re-create the lightpod setup for the roofrack. I have sourced lights and had mounting rings manufactured and am nearly at the stage where I can assemble all the bits into a working unit. However I now need to stick the aluminium mounting ring to the light lens. The picture shows an original light unit which used steel mounting rings. The gluey bit is highlighted by the red box.

So.... the question... what is the best glue type stuff for sticking aluminium to glass? It needs to fill a gap of about 8mm. It needs to be weather resistant and have a good resilience to vibration. The original appears to use some sort of silicone sealant type stuff and has a very limited amount of squidgyness to it.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


Dan :)


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Hi i used some off this stuff on the horse box you can get it at good builders mer or off flee bay dam good stuff


The No.1 Caravan Sealant - Industry Choice

Ideal for Caravan and Motorhome manufacture and repair

Cures on exposure to atmospheric moisture to form a

durable elastomer of high adhesive strength


Single part polyurethane adhesive sealant.

The professionals choice. Use to bond on roofs, panels, battens, doors, anything requiring bonding or sealing to anything else.

Widely used on solar panel installations. All directly bonded windows and windscreens use Sikaflex.

Full bond after a few hours, flexible & resistant to aging and weathering, over-paintable gives a very strong bond.

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221 is a good all purpose bond/sealer, but for this aplication i would use 255

Sikaflex® 255FC

High Strength Elastic Adhesive

Sikaflex®255FC is a fast-curing, flexible, high-performance, one-component, polyurethane

based adhesive for bonding glass, panels and other structures to a variety of substrates. It

begins to cure and exhibit excellent green strength as soon as the product is extruded or the

cartridge is opened. It is not for use in the replacement of automotive windshields.

Areas of Application

Sikaflex®255FC is suitable for use on glass as well as metal panels (primed and painted). It offers extremely high initial bond strength. Its fast rate of cure results in rapid strength development and shorter service times.Bonding trim, moulding and all kinds of styling elements Structural bonding of large parts,including sheet metal, composities and glass.

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