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Overland / Camping / Motorhome Shops in France and Spain


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but i've convinced myself "to rush is not to enjoy" so if we feel like staying and stopping and whatever, we will. This trip is a test and we still need ideas and the like for all things overland so some continental equipment stores might be just the ticket.

Concentrating on the trip is all i've done since 2009 !

I need a holiday and this is it. Shopping included.

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very funny....headhunter. 5 dead on Sunday in Morocco. Been to worse and more risky places on my trips. Not worried at all. Not much anyhow.

Its not a matter of rush rush. Morocco will be ther for all of the three weeks (unless its burnt down by protestors) and if its a week out of three then so be it. Its its 10 days or more then great. We have 21 days, an hour in a shop isn't going to make a deal of difference to what is essientailly a road test. Even if we don't get to Morrocco the test will still be performed. We might not get to the channel tunnel........<_<

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I also drive a 110, so rushing isn't an option. :blink:

Adding rest stops, refuelling breaks, detours to visit shops, all add up.

I've children as well, consider them! (In car DVD, a godsend).

We all need the "Holiday", just remember everyone has to enjoy it as well!

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If you get (very) lost, then Daerr in Munich (www.daerr.de) have a wide range of exhibition stuff.

Guyot 4x4 near Calais/Dunkerque is a generalist 4x4 shop, with plenty of old Land Rovers in various states of dismantlement parked up outside if you need a spare part.

Other than that I'm afraid I can't help much.

If you time it right (and get very lost again, you could go to the big French off road show in Isere. Can't remember what it's called but uncles Bing and Google can help I'm sure. A quick search brings up www.salon-du-4x4.com, but that has news from 2008. No idea if it still exists.



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