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Magam Trophy


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We are pleased to announce that 4x4zone.co.uk became an official partner of Magam Trophy in Great Britain.

When: 28.05.2011 - 01.06.2011

Where: Miastko (16°58’E-54°00’N) - Northwest Poland.

Organizer: MAGAM SPORT Wojciech Golebiowski

Official partner in UK: 4x4zone.co.uk - Martin

Class: Extreme, Adventure, Quad

About: MAGAM TROPHY rally, in which teams of two compete against each other, is beginning to build up a history. It was devised and created in 2001 by Wojciech Golebiowski and a group of enthusiasts gathered around him. They were not satisfied with driving off-road cars against the clock. They wanted something more. That is why saying that teams compete in this event in cars is only part of the truth. Vehicles constructed specially for this rally climb almost vertical slopes, wade through water and splash around in sticky mud. In such conditions regular driving skills are not enough.

MAGAM TROPHY quickly became a legend. Organizing the event in the vicinity of Miastko in the Kaszubskie region of Poland was no accident. Farmers in this region, as well as the local populace, quickly accepted the 'freaks' in their unusual machines. Each year MAGAM TROPHY attracts fantastic people for whom off-road is not only mud on the windscreen and winches, but a way of life.

Each year the international participants and professionally prepared equipment raise the bar of this truly sporting occasion. Hone your skills! MAGAM TROPHY is a unique opportunity to test the strength of both your muscles and your character. With a new route each year, every event is a new, massive adventure.

MAGAM TROPHY is a challenge. If you want to square off against it and test your strength, take part in the next rally. Go to www.magamtrophy.4x4zone.co.uk and fill in the entry form.

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I've looked at the websites, but can you give some more information about the format of the event? e.g. number of days, rough distance per day, make up of the day's stages (navigation, time trial, special stage etc.)?

I'm just looking for a basic description really.

From website:

Magam Trophy 2011 schedule:

Saturday (28.05.2011) - Prologue + I Stage (night)

Sunday (29.05.2011) - II Stage

Monday (30.05.2011) - III Stage

Tuesday (31.05.2011) - IV Stage

Wednesday - (01.06.2011) - V Stage

The roads are still open (under construction). About stages. It is't sprint rally. Its typical trophy with lots of OS and trials.

You may find on the youtube.com a lots of movies from previous event.


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