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Stiff Steering

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Ive just changed the rear shocks and springs on my 110,its been off the road for about a fortnight

Now when i took it out yesterday the steering is really heavy ,everything seems to be working ok,pas all belsts ok,and since ive not done any work on the front end at all im kinda confused

Any ideas guys????


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may be coincidence.

does it improve (get lighter) as the system warms up? is it stiff all the time or just in certain places as you turn the wheel?

try jacking the front so both wheels off the ground (low, diff in) chocked rear, and try to trun the wheels side to side, is it unecessarily stiff still? disconnect the drag linkl, if its still stiff then preloads need adjusting or ball joints, if its OK it means the problem is either pump, box, or steering column UJs, i would start looking at them in reverse order.

also check the drop arm ball joint and bleed the system.

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Did you check the tyre pressure? I was confused for a few days after I put new tyres on the front axle. I didn't check the pressure since the garage said they'll put the same pressure as before. The steering was really really light and also the rear wheels lost traction a few times in the corners. How that relates to too much pressure in the front wheels I don't know but it stopped when I let some pressure out.

Hope you'll find the problem.

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I had the PS pump on my 90 seize up there on Saturday. Managed to get a 2nd hand unit on saturday afternoon and fitted it that night.

Result : much lighter steering so maybe the old pump was running down.

Oh, and a secondary result was a serious diminution of brownie points. :(:(:(


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