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fitting a second tank in a 110

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So I'm still researching my veg oil conversion and I'll be fitting a second tank.

One of the conversions suppliers provides a 33L tank, which is pretty small I think, given that the main tank is what, 60L?

So, not having peered under the 110 properly yet, where can I fit a second tank and what approx would be the max capacity I could get in there?


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Standard tank is 75L.

Second tanks: you could fit a 90 tank under the drivers seat, this would involve modifying the seat box or changing to a 90 seat box. An alternative is the long range additional tanks that are supplied for expedition use, these usually fit in the rear wings.

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I have a second tank fitted under the front passenger seat which is filled by removing the passenger seat pad and cover plate. I'm not sure of capacity but I reckon its about 30litres - it'll take the 110 about 350km. It has a switch-over on the front of the seat box that is linked to the fuel gauge.

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Only options are as already described :i-m_so_happy: -- under drivers seat or in right rear wheel arch behind the wheel, this tank sits between the filler/outer skin & the wheelbox fuel pipe joins to the existing fill pipe, so it's more of a header tank for the main chassis tank, IIRC it holds 40 litres, Mantec used to have a version of this side tank on their website But it seems to have been removed from there. :rolleyes:

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