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Wiper upgrade


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Please help

I am trying to fit delay wipers to an early 90 and have the switch PRC7370 and the delay unit AMR2341. I also need the wiring loom PRC8295 but it seems it is N/L/A. :angry: Does anybody have the diagram so i can make the loom myself? :)

I have searched all the forums but cant sem to get anywhere

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I was in the same boat last year when I discovered the loom was no-longer available. I just used the wiring diagram out of the back of the owners manual and the Haynes to work out the differences and make up the replacement.

I expect they are on-line somewhere but someone will have to post a link, haven't you got either of these publications yourself?

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additional wiring info for front intermittent wipers. item 83 is the front wiper delay relay, for ident of it's connections refer to my link above.

the Green [G] wire goes to 15 amp fuse [ignition controlled 12v feed.

item 97 is the front wash/wipe stalk & it's associated connctions

item 98 is the front wiper motor

iyems 100 & 101 are front & rear screen wash pumps.

hth :i-m_so_happy:


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I'm guessing your vehicle has the spring return flick wipe when pressed down, if so to gain intermittent wipe, you need to buy the later wiper stalk as in my link, otherwise the system will not work, the later stalk has a 6 wire conection whereas the existing stalk has 5 wire connections.

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Its the correct switch all be it a britpart one! The connector will fit with the existing loom its that I dont have the additional loom needed and the colours on the new switch dont correspond to the manual or the diagrams you sent me!!

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might be a 300tdi wiper stalk, but AFAIK the wiring colours are the same, I'll check my 300tdi wiring info, in the morning :D

wash/wipe switch with intermittent facility [not flick wipe, early stalk]

6 wires

green ---- 12v feed to intermittent relay/front screen wash pump

white/green --- to intermittent relay

yellow/light green --- to intermittent relay

blue/light green --- to wiper motor

light green/black --- to intermittent relay

red/light green --- to wiper motor

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wiring colour info added
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