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One for the Gearbox/Transmission Guru's

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Opinions please.

I pulled up at a junction yesterday in my 90 and there was a clunk from the transmission (maybe slighty louder than a bad gear change with some transmission backlash) after which I could not select any gears. The clutch feels normal but the gear stick will not select any forward gears. After a little stirring I managed to crunch it into reverse and got it clear of the junction. I tried again but still could not find any gears - as I was only half a mile from home I decided to reverse all the way home - it crunched into reverse and reversed normally - ie clutch action was fine and no unusual noises etc.

Once back home I had another play with it and found that if the engine is not running the gear stick can be moved into all positions and it feels like it is selecting gears, however if the engine is running I cannot even put the gear stick into the gates.

The only other symptons that I have been having are ocassional bad judders when trying to pull away or especially when reversing under load (ie uphill or with a trailer on). It gives a fairly loud banging and feels like something is slipping or a handbrake sticking. The handbrake, props and diffs have been checked for play but nothing found. It is usually cured by dipping the clutch and giving a little throttle. It then drives normally, although I have been aware that it has been very noisy in the cab recently - but I just put the down to me not using it as much and becoming soft driving Euroboxes and Disco's.

It is a 200 90 with LT77 and 135k on clock.

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Sounds like clutch release failure to me - it's not releasing so the synchro is not letting you change gear. Have you tested that it's actually in gear when you put it in gear at standstill - by seeing if the engine is holding the vehicle still?

I think you may be on to something here ... I have just gone out and had a go, it is sitting on a slight hill so put it in 1st release handbrake and it held (rocked slightly as you would expect) dipped clutch and it still held, knocked it out of gear and it started to roll back. Tried again in reverse, same happened - except now I cant get it out of gear.

So the clutch does not appear to be releasing.

Could that account for he judder/clunk when tryign to reverse or is that co-incidence and is something else waiting to bite me?

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