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Disco 1995/6 "N" poss alarm/immobiliser


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I am in the process of buying a 300tdi Disco for the engine.The vehicle has been stood since failing its m.o.t.<BR><BR>The problem lies in asmuch as the owner has lost the key.I want to make sure its starts before I buy.He is happy for me to break the steering lock to get it started.<BR><BR>Firstly,is it fitted with an alarm or immobiliser,and will it just crank over and not start without the key .<BR><BR>Any suggestions because I dont want to butyit to find the engine is knackered and be left with a pile of scrap.<BR><BR>cheers.

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Hi There,

A fix I was forced to use when my spider went wrong....

A 2 foot length of wire with a 1/4 spade con on one end (insulated of course) and a croc clip on the other.

Remove wire from fuel cut off solenoid, plug on spade. Clip the other end to the battery pos. Start the engine. It will only stop by stalling it or disconnecting the wire.

Good luck with it.


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