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Trailing arms....


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I've currently got Tarantula trailing arms fitted to the 90 and the Disco, and I seem to keep coming across the same thread about the integrity of them...

What alternatives are there?

I'd love some Gigglepin ones, but I don't have the cash to splash at the moment :(

They've both only got a 2 inch lift. Is it worth changing them? Or should I just stick it out? The last thing i want is a trailing arm snapping off!



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I've got the Gwenn Lewis ones, I've had them for 3 years or more with no problems (other than they look their age) They are a bit heavy but as I understand it they take a "new" trailing link and then overtube it for strength before crabking the assembly.

With the full welded assembly finished you have 2 arms in one, very strong. Just make sure you check the clearence around the axle bracket if you articulate the back end a lot.

Rememeber too that once fitted with stronger trailing links that eventually something else will break instead. Alternatively the strongest LR made parts are a now obsolete 100-130 link which is thicker than the normal tubular link fitted to RRC and Disco.

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Gwyn's arms are about the best value option and if I were not running my own arms, Gwyn would probably get my money.

The Gigglepin arms are great too on account of the longer length. The only issue is that to increase the length, you need to cut off the original chassis mount. As has been done to death on here - that means the vehicle really needs an SVA. Obviously fine for a purely off road vehicle though.


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10% forum discount

son of a...

wish i would of know that before ordering my x-fan etc etc.

gwyn it is then! been happy with all of his products i've bought and the service so far, so don't mind going back there at all. i may get my disco front arms cranked by him too.

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