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Boost Gauge Reading


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How do all.

Bought a used Racetech gauge of one of the guys on here - fitted it on my Def90 200tdi and it works just fine but....it reads -.5bar when engine off or idling and gets up to +1bar at full load.

It should be about 1.9/2bar - so have I been sold a pup?

Unless I'm missing something bleeding obvious!

Any ideas?

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Yours is reading a range of 1.5bar in total. It should only be 0.8bar normally. Have you tweaked it?

One thing i found with my gauge is that you could alter the reading by changing the pressure inside the unit - is the light fitting pressing on anything behind tha dial?

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It was re-timed and the pump tweaked on Friday, so might be boosting a bit more than standard (although I'm advised it will not go off like a grenade!)

Will see if the light is too far in the hole!!


So..had a rummage behind the gauge and took light out to see if it was fouling anything - nope.

So final question to those that may have been this way before - If the boost gauge reads -.5Bar with engine off, is it possible to reset to zero? (can't see any obvious screw adjuster)

Failing a fix it's refund time


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did you actually look at what the boost gauge was reading when you took the light out? When i got mine it was reading off and the bulb was sticking out of the rubber bit that it sits in affecting the reading. Pushed it further in the rubber mount, popped the bulb back in the guage and voilĂ  working properly.

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