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dual mass flywheel


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IIRC all TD5's were fitted with the dual mass flywheels to help stop transmission noise....you can fit the solid flywheels with super heavy duty clutch's but sometimes you do get a bit of gearbox chatter if the box is a bit worn.

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All Td5's have DMF's. I would recomend an original Land Rover part, over anything else.

But you can get a Rakeway clutch and flywheel (non DMF), BUT they use their own clutch, and this could cause a problem if the company goes under, or you have problems whilst away.

Britpart also do a non DMF kit, but should be will be cack as is Britpart,

Removing the DMF will cause vibration when pulling away, and this will not help your gearbox etc, and tends to cause a rattle whilst stationary.

The original DMF is easily good for 100thou miles


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thanks k88 mud and andy, well his truck is a hell of a lot less vibey than mine so should be ok. I know 5-cylinder engines get a bit of a vibe on at mid to high revs but mine is lot more noticeable than his, do u reckon that is a dual mass fault? or possibly that the injectors need zeroing in? it does it in all gears but most pronounced in 3rd and 4th and i can get it on idle, shakes the gear lever to bits and i get a pronounced metallic rattle at about 3-4krpm ( guess as no rev counter)

Cheers fellas!


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You have to ask yourself, if the DMF is so good, why, when they fitted the Puma donkey, did they ditch the Transit DMF and go for solid. Answer? They don't last. Mine went at about 85k miles. I have since fitted a Rakeway solid flywheel with conventional HD clutch. No vibes worth talking about, no judder, drives beautifully. My son has also fitted one to his 110.

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