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rear anti roll bar


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Hi all,

Hoping for some advice - think I know what to do but better safe than sorry...

My brake light came on today on my tdi300 basic non abs n reg...

I stopped and checked reservoir which was well down...checked under car and the culprit was drivers side rear....pipe had been damaged...

On closer inspection, the anti roll bar had collapsed this side and whacked the pipe...looks like a ball joint has failed...

Tommorow, I'm gonna repair the pipe and ezibleed the system back up...but until I get another ball joint for the roll bar, can I take it off and use the car for a few days?...

I might not need to if I can locate the part but tommorow it'll be wishful thinking....



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Many people take them off and leave them off. Not sure these days how to advise on the legality but why not take the chance to try it out?

The back ARB does very little of the work, both my RRC have upgraded ones (well Blue has 2 standard ones) and although it handles better it doesn't like potholes as much.

Drive it carefully till you get used to it.

You may not need to remove it either, just undo the other balljoint and spin it up under the rear of the chassis, this is where mine goes when it's disconnected.

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every bstard nut and bolt has got to be angle ground off as their all knackered :o

makes interesting times in and out of the rain....

i dont like to look of the caliper union either - ie ...thats not gonna come out without a fight!

am i right in thinking the front and back reservoirs are independant due to the "partition" in the header bottle?..


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Well job done....the caliber union surprisingly came out but the other end - the 3 way on the top of the diff was seized solid. Cut it off level drilled and 1st time ever had success with an easy out :)

New pipe fitted and bled up fine

What a Sunday....oh and congrats to blues...I'm a yid so anti gunners :)

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