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How to remove radio aerial from front wing?


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I usuallly do mine form underneath. Just remove the arch protector by pushing out the pins in the middle. Once the protector is out of the way you can get at the base of the arial.



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Yep, removed the plastic inner arch and changed the aerial, now I need a couple of strange rivits that play out with 4 'arms' into slots in the outer wing, never seen them before, I also realised that the front inner wing next to the battery box has started to corrode, when I pulled outt he plastic studs a great lump of inner wing came with 2 of them! I hope someone is making new repair panels that dont cost the earth!

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The paddocks repair sections that require modification are, as far as I am aware, Range Rover items. They are quite similar but need a bit of trimming. I looked into getting some to repair the Disco but the way I am driving it now I dont think it will make the next MOT lol

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