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EAS Troubles


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Hi, after five trouble free years its finally bitten my behind, :blink: eas playing up, alarm codes have generally been "stuck valve".

However, the time has come I think for a good seeing too, IE valve block seals, compressor overhaul and possible air bag renewal.

I would prefer to have this work done by someone recommended by yourselves.

Can you recommend anyone in the North Devon area, or better still....any volunteers....will pay the going rate. :D

It's a 1997 P38 with only 67000 on clock, V8 and LPG, in immaculate order, when I get it sorted will probably sell as I now have no need of towing vehicle and could do with pound friendly transport.

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There's only one man for this job - Stuart at Armson!He's based near Leicester, but travels anywhere in the UK.

He appears to have forgotten more about eas than most others know!

Google ArmsonAE, or ring him on 07977051769

Thanks emmerson, much appreciated :i-m_so_happy:

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If you can DIY then try Rover Renovations in the gold ol US of A, he sells rebuild kits with upgraded parts. A working pump can be made like new with a new piston and barrel, he sells O ring kits for the valve block and new pipes/couplings along with Arnott GIII springs which I have on my Classic and would recomend to anyone with the cash to pay for them.

But if you are selling it why spend all the money for someone else to enjoy?

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