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Help shifting hub nut on Td5


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While jacking up my Td5 Disco this weekend for another job I noticed that the NS front wheel bearing has A LOT of play. So to start with I thought I'd nip up the bearing while I source a new one, but I just can't shift the hub nut.

I'm pretty sure that the locking crimp on the nut is free, but it just wont move. We tried it with the car jacked up and the brakes applied, not a hope, the brakes let the hub turn with 'only' my 36" 3/4" drive breaker bar on. Then we put the wheel back on and tried it on the floor with the truck in gear and the brakes on, nothing. Finally I slipped a 6 foot tube over the breaker bar and jumped up and down on the end, still nothing!

Am I missing something? Is there a trick to getting the bearing assembly apart?

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instead of jumping on it try to pull it up on the other side.

so 'll try to make sense. i've deal with these kind of nuts a lot and learn the hard way. so put the breaker bar on a piece of pipe to get more leverage and instead of pushing the bar down to loosen the nut pull the bar up. you'll have to be next to the passenger door and facing forward if you know what i mean! do it when the car is on ground with tyres still on. and diff on low range(lock)

that should work for you.


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Thanks chaps! I did try lifting on the up side, but still no movement. I was struggling with play on the socket, so I'll try again with a 1 1/4" as that article suggests.

I didn't realise that the D2 uses a front unit bearing rather than a fully floating design like the D1, Defender etc. so I'll have to so buy a new hub assembly and try again.

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I guess how you undo it depends on your equipment available.

Torque multipliers seem to be more effective than big windy guns for us at work. After them, we get the welder involved !


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