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Was it a stuck handbrake?


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My hand brake has never played up before, it has been lubed when the gearbox came out and it has a new cable.

It had been parked up for under a week. When I went to draw forwards there was total resistance and then a big snap and all was free.

The hand brake was not applied!

Any ideas as to what caused this, was it some kind of stick on the hand brake, or something more ominous?

Thank you

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surface rust and residue of condensation may have created a bind. So as you came to release it was still technically on but without the restriction. Was the noise from the rear or the next to you. As the rear could have locked with the weather conditions and lack of use. Similar as the handbrake near will cause binding if not used. Test to see if there irregular braking patterns when in use either tugging on left or right.

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