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My inverter is a Durite 1500w located under the rear nearside passenger seat in my 110.

Plenty of power to boil a kettle, use a hair dryer, drive power tools (handy for the angle grinder when having to remove wheel clamps) etc.etc


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what sort of price John?

I paid 150 pounds for it second hand but new.

I believe they are double that.

Scrapiron racing sell them.

Ask Simonr to see if he can get you one cheaper, direct from Durite as I know he deals with them.

The Durite price lists them at retail for 349.80 pounds.

I know they have quite a mark up from trade.


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Here's how I have mounted mine, it's a 600W soft start that I got off someone on this forum for £35:


These inverter's have no means of mounting them, so a friend at work pointed out using some of the end plate screws to mount a bracket off and I made some up out of alloy angle, making sure not to block any of the air vents on the case:


They recommended something like two 45A car fuses, but that aint proper for me so got on Ebay for something like £15 all in a ETA CB:


now must get it wired.......

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Whats wrong with cable ties??????

Your talking about me here :lol: cable ties are a bit limiting on providing a positive "positioning" on these inverters as the cases are smooth with no protrusions to prevent the inverter sliding out by vibration over time. However it's horses for courses as it would take some time for it to vibrate out and I just prefer to "fit and forget" than keep checking something

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Tony keep an eye on Maplins website, when they discount them they discount them by about 50%. There have been a lot of discounted Maplin ones flogged on eblag for a big mark up on the origional discounted Maplin price.

I got one of their 300w ones and it is percet for charging camera batteries, and powering laptops etc.

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Recently bought a reconned 1600w Antares from a chap at Bicester for £70. He sells on ebay and also has new ones. Demonstrated it working a microwave and hairdryer. Proper British manufactured with a coil and metal case. He also has second hand 125ah batteries for £10 each.


PM me for the contact details if you want them.

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