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Heater Box Fan

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Has anyone just put a variable resistor on the main power lead for the heater box fan to bypass the rest of the electronics and have dial-adjustability for fan speed? I'm looking for a resistance range/suggestion on which to use. If there's any sane reason for the setup LR uses I'd love to hear about it.

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I'm aware of this but there's no reason those controls couldn't be separated. The fan is just a 12V DC fan so being able to use a varistor or 10-position dial resistor of suitable capacity just seems like a good idea. I'm also going to install booster fans for getting heat to the rear of the vehicle as well. I had things freezing up in the back going through Wyoming at 9,000ft with a dead fan (got some heat but all from air-pressure while moving). A booster fan would also ensure getting heat even if the main fan dies again and on low speed would reduce the amount of work the main fan needs to do as well.

I'm doing my dash from scratch from the bulkhead out so I have a lot of re-engineering opportunities to consider.

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