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knocking noise and play in rear diff


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hi for the past few days iv noticed a knocking noise coming from under my disco 200tdi . iv been under today to have a tugg at everything to see if anything is loose and found nothing. but whilst under there i checked the props and found alot of play in the back diff. could this be a cause of the knocking maybe? the knockin only happens every now and then . only whilst im driving or taking up drive , driving over bumps or not it still happens, doesnt always happen though like i say. it is mostly when im driving at lowish speeds like 30 or below maybe. anyways i was hoping someone might be able to give me abit of advise or any other checks i could do maybe??

thanks for you help.


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It could well be play in the rear diff and that would be felt mostly at low speeds, You would need to get the rear wheels of the floor and probably get a mate to help check it out more. I had a similar clunk in the rear of my 200tdi over the past month or so and have discovered that the 4 bolts holding the rear prop to the handbrake drum where a bit loose allowing for a clunk. Tightened these up and that appears to have done the job.



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