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attempted 90 jacking in gloucester


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over the week end of the 26-27feb i came home to find my landy butchered with a screwdriver all the way round the window they even tried to prize the door open and bent the top frame also geez they must be thick they didnt try the lock :angry: also they came a cropper when they tried to take my winch bolts out to find it welded to me bumper along with my bumper being welded to chassis YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED SCROATS ARE LOOKING FOR LANDY'S IN GLOUCESTERSHIRE POLICE CANT DO ANYTHING AS NO-ONE SAW ANYTHING IF I CATCH THEM THEY WILL END UP IN THE CANAL



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Cheers Dazwell,

thats bloody bad !! thieving scroats , im gonna beef my security up now, trouble is the b*st*rds , even caught get away with it, well like you say we gloucester boys have been warned !!!

Goes without saying that any one that sees anything even remotley suspicious PLEASE PLEASE call the police !! best to say sorry to cops for a few mins than give statements for hours and all the kerfuffle with insurance etc.

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