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200TDI how far has anyone gone?


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I'm very curious about what kind of engine building has been done to 200TDI out there and with what kind of results? So far I have not seen anyone really doing much to them and they've got to have some potential given what kind of performance you can get out of other designs with some work.

Does anyone know someone who's really pushed one with reasonable results? What was done etc? I'm thinking about things like stroking/boring out to say 3L, use of pistons other than stock to get higher EGT tolerances (like ceramic sludge topped pistons used in modern diesels), new exhaust manifolds to fit larger turbos or in-line turbos, larger VNTs, bigger exhausts, oversize valves, etc. My early experience was all with F1 race motorcycles and some of the changes were quite spectacular, others just didn't have the expected results at all.

I'd like to be able to decide what to do on my next build and finding TDV6 to drop in is still an expensive option these days.

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That would be very cool. I know both of mine are likely to need some work in the next year and lining up the reasonable modifications and working on a spare to drop in would be nice.

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