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I wasnt really sure where I should say hello an introduce myself and my Disco, but the "Discovery" section seemed to be a good place to start as thats what I own.

My name is Paul and im a self employed mechanic in Cheshire/Wirral. I own a J reg 200 tdi 3 door which is undergoing quite alot of cosmetic changes, Il post some pics a little later.

The changes I am currently doing include:

Front headlamp conversion, from square to round wipac crystal headlights with angel eyes (this conversion is really a must for any 200 tdi owner, the difference of actually seeing where you are going at night is really good).

Full leather interior from a Jeep Cherokee, I wasnt really too keen on the original seat in my disco so I have upgraded to full electric charcoal leather, soooo much more comfortable.

I have retrimmed the standard dash board in cream and black leatherette (looks as good as leather), this really updates the interior of the car.

I have repainted the dash pod from brown to black and the switches are now covered with Di-Noc 3m Carbon Fibre.

The Carbon fibre will be reaching to other parts of the car both inside and out.

I am in the process of fitting an Xbox, this will be completely built into the centre console with the disc tray taking place of the rear ashtray.

2x 7" lcd screens, one front and one rear.

All door cards are being retrimmed with the black and cream leatherette.

12 speaker sound system, including 2 subs and 4 amps.

All windows have been tinted to the maximum legal limit.

Electric windows.

Central locking.

Looking at getting a night vision camera fitted to the front, behind the grill. this should help improve night time driving (similar to Mercedes S Class).

I will be modifying the front grill to fit 2 front fog lights.

I am currently working on a fibreglass arch kit, It wont be as obvious and as big as the ones which are currently available, Im thinking more along the lines of what is fitted to series 2 rs turbo's and Mercedes 190e Cosworth. Just subtle changes really but pleasing to the eye.

Anyway, thats where im upto at the moment and im still coming up with different ideas for what to do next, If anyone would like to add to what they think would go well with what I have already done then il happily take aboard new ideas.

So thats me and my Disco, we look forward to meeting everyone!!!!

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Hello Paul, just noticed your post - welcome to the Forum. :D

You'll find a friendly bunch on here and you know we all love photos!! ;)

That's quite list of doings and todo's you've go there - sounds to me like the engine bay won't be standard for too much longer either : :o

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