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Bulkhead fitting

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If you're leaving the back body on then it's that you need to align too, not the chassis. I measured the width of a door, added 10mm for door gap, and then set the bulkhead that distance from the rear body (using washers on the mounts as shims). Then adjusting the secondary mounts to make it vertical so that the door gap was the same all the way up.

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Yes, use the rear tub as your datum as it doesn't have any adjustment. If you haven't got the tub fitted then measure from the rear crossmember forwards. Also accept the fact that you WILL have to adjust the bulkhead when the rest of the bodywork is fitted so don't assume it is in the correct position (if it is you will have been very lucky). :)

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OK Guys thanks for that, I will just let it sit till I get the back ready for fitting. Is the required cap for the door seal 5mm par side giving a total of + 10mm from back to bulkhead.

Just out of interest its a 300tdi and there were alloy shims fitted on the back between the cross member and body that is why I though the bulkhead was the starting point.


Frax ;)

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Frax, when i rechassised mine, there were originally shims on two of the rear body mounts, and washers one both bulkhead mounts, when i fitted it to the new chassis, (body stayed in one piece!) i had no shims on the back, and one less washer each side..... the new chassis was built to tighter tolerances than the original..!!

I think if you have the option to, i would start from the back, but if you wanted to mount the bulkhead first, i'm sure you could fit a washer or two each side between the bulkhead and mounts, and then if needed you could alwasy remove the washers later on.....

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