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front brake guards/covers

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Are the guards which sit at the back of the brake disc really necessary? i've just broken a tab off the top of mine tightening the swivel adjusting bolts so had to take it, and then both off.

they don't look like an essential part, though good for trapping small stones i'd imagine, do they need refitting or can i leave them off?

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I understand from reading the forums that a lot of people do take them off, but if they serve no useful purpose, surely Land Rover would never have fitted them. I guess they must do something (useful). Otherwise they would have to market them as no-cost optional bling stone-trappers (and squealy noise makers).

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Generally i'm of the same opinion, if it was put there by Landrover, surely it was for a reason? but i've scoured the internet and can't find one!

the only thing i can think of that they'd do, is either give a bit of protection from general dirt or stop swivel oil getting onto the brake disc if the swivel seals leaked? but even then, it would tend to drip straight down or fly off backwards if you were driving.

I've taken them off anyway, lets hope that i don't end up posting from a hospital bed in a few weeks saying;

"i found out what they were for!"


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:) hi hobson

just rebuilt my ninety.the guards on the brake's are mudshield's you can take them off they are not required for mot.and the brake's are easier to clean. you can take them off the back as well.if you go of roading things can get stuck in them leading to premature wear of the brake disc.i have not got these mudshield on either axle and it flew through mot. hope this helps :rolleyes:

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