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land rovers

lro matt

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im interested in a series land rover 109 its cheap as there is place local that sells loads of them that just needs very little work just wondering if parts are cheap (floor panels) things like that and what they sell for with 12 months m.o.t as i buy and sell a few land rovers now and again.

and if there more popular with 200/300 tdi 3.5 v8 engines fitted thanks for any help

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I think they're usually under £1000 with no MOT (well under if they need chassis or bulkhead work), and around £2000 with an MOT.

A few months ago I think the V8 might have added a bit of value. Maybe not so much now with the surge in fuel prices. 200/300 tdi would have knocked a bit off an otherwise original 2 or 2a, but probably not much affected the value of a 3 or a bitsa. I'd imagine now the 200/300 would add value to the 3 or bitsa, and maybe even an otherwise original 2/2a.

I've only been paying attention for the last 6 months or so, though, so if others suggest different probably better to believe them. ;)


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