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Locked Out

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Hi all, wonder if you can help.

I'm currently locked out of the van back of my 110 (2000 TD5 if it matters).

It's my fault as the lock has been playing up for a bit and I did nothing about it :ph34r: for a week or so the door would only open with the key in the barrel & turned hard clockwise but today I just can't open it, the handle moves so it's not locked, I just can't get in.

To compound matters my 110 is ply lined with no way between the passenger section and the back (well not unless i take a chainsaw to it).

I've tried taking one of the small back windows out but I can't open the door from inside either.

Any ideas chaps?


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1. Drench the lock with thin oil (wd40 or similar). Then lots of key jiggling and door thumping.

2. Check if one of the windows has been accidentally fitted with the fixing bead on the outside. If one has, you can remove the window and work through the hole.

3. If the body side of the hinges uses captive nuts/plates remove the bolts and hinge the door from the wrong side and work through the gap. I've seen this done on a front door of a vehicle that could not be seen to be damaged.

Anything else I can think of involves some permanent mechanical damage.

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