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T-box front output flange question

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Hi all,

Yesterday i decided to investigate a leak from the t-box and i crawled under my 90.

I noticed that oil was coming out from somewhere around the front output flange.

Well since i'm already under, i also too the time to shake the prop shafts as well.

Now the question :

The output flange is not suppose to move up or down (other than to rotate) or is it a case of my U-joints are worn out?

Do I have to drop the box to fix this leak or can i just work on it after removing the front prop?

The truck drives smoothly except for a clunk front the front when ducking the clutch suddenly on a down hill. If done slowly, it's all cool.



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There will be some play in the Transfer box flange when you move it up down, side to side. That’s normal, excessive play is not, trouble is what is excessive play?

I would just replace the oil seal ?

Can you replace the oil seal with the transfer box in place - yes you can

Undoing the nut to get the flange off is difficult best done with an air gun if you have access to one.

I have tried locking everything up and using a long bar to give me leverage with no effect. Well bruised knuckles etc but never managed to get the nut off.

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